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Let us divert our homemaking attention to the kitchen for this article. In India dishwashers are not yet common. We would be surprised if you as a reader claim that you have one. (Indian readers only). For most of us we resort to cleaning the vessels by hand. Either we do it ourselves or employ a servant maid to do the job for us. In this article we will talk about a dish washing product which has come a long way in the Indian market – VIM. It is a brand marketed initially by HLL (Hindustan Lever Limited) which is now known as HUL (Hindustan Unilever Limited). Shown below is one the old VIM packages which was available in the 80’s.

Old Vim

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Today VIM is the market leader in dish washing products in India. There are three products under the brand umbrella of VIM. They are:

  1. Vim Powder
  2. Vim Bar
  3. Vim Liquid

Vim Range

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The bar product was created in mid 90’s after the company realized that the powder was a messy experience for their consumers. The recent innovations in bar product include plastic coating on sides and bottom to ensure that the bar does not melt off due to constant contact with water.

The competition for VIM’s powder is mainly from a product by the name “Sabeena”. Other small players include Odopic and some products from Nirma. For the bar and liquid products VIM has even more competitors. They are Exo from Jyothi Labs (makers of Ujala), Pril from Henkel, Nirma Bar, Nirma Clean Dish Wash and some local brands like Spencer’s dishwash bar.

Godrej is also a competitor for VIM in the liquid dish washing liquid category. We will cover some additional details on these in the coming articles.

Prices for the bars could be between 5 and 10 rupees for a 100 grams product. The liquid dish washer can cost between Rs. 45 to 55 for 500 ml bottle. The powder costs approximately Rs. 25 per Kg.

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