Retail Plus AV Electronic Show-2008-Coverage-Part II

This post is subsequent to posts Retail Plus AV Electronic Show-2008 – Coverage and ‘Retail Plus AV Electronic Show-2008-Coverage-Part I ‘.

Here we talk about the big brands and the products they had on display.

1) Sony

Sony is one of the most popular consumer electronics brand both in India and worldwide. Appliances on display included CRT televisions, LCD televisions , Home theatre and stereo systems. They also had laptops, walkmans  and other electronic accessories like cameras and storage devices. We will not delve into that in much detail.

Also featured was Playstation 3for Rs.24,990/- Playstation 2 was also available.

Here are some pictures of the LCD TV’s on display:


(If you look closely, you should be able to see both model numbers and the price of some of the televisions. The same is typed out here for easy reading.)

KLV 40V 300 A             – Rs. 99,990/-  *  (Bravia V Series,40″ LCD screen)

KLV 32D 300A              – Rs. 69,990/-  *  (Bravia D Series,32″ LCD screen)

KLV 32V 300A              – Rs. 54,990/-  * (Bravia V Series,32″ LCD screen) 

KLV 40X 350A              – Rs.1,79,900/-* (Bravia X Series,40″ LCD screen)

KLV 40W 300A             – Rs.1,29,900/-*(Bravia W Series,40″ LCD screen)

KLV 40S 310A              – Rs. 79,990/-   * (Bravia S Series,40″ LCD screen)

Pictures of Home theatres/Stereo systems:


DAV-DZ151K/DAV-DZ150K          -Rs. 12,990/- * (5.1 Channel,850W )

DAV-DZ750K                                    -Rs. 26,990/- * (5.1 Channel,1000W)

Picture of CRT televisions:


2) Samsung

The Samsung stall had most of the home appliance products. Samsung enjoys a big presence in the Indian market. Among the products on display were, Televisions (LCD, Plasma,CRT), Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Air Conditioners, Microwave Owens, Home theatre systems and optical players.

Presented below are some pictures.



In the LCD television segment, Samsung seems to have a wide range. The four ranges on display were  Sonoma Trenz, Bordeaux Art, Mosel Blaque and HD Plasma. (In increasing order of price; Sonoma Trenz being the cheapest.)

Typical Price Range:

Sonoma Trenz – Rs. 52,000/- (32″) , Rs. 85,000/- (40″) , Rs. 1,40,000/- (46″)

Bordeaux Art  – Rs. 21,000/- (19″) , Rs. 35,000/- (26″) , Rs. 57,000/- (32″) , Rs. 75,000/- (37″) , Rs. 95,000/- (40″) 

Mosel Blaque  – Rs. 1,20,000/- (40″) , Rs. 1,70,000/- (46″) , Rs. 3,00,000/- (52″)

Plasma TV      – Rs. 80,000/- (42″) , Rs. 90,000/- (42″) , Rs. 1,70,000/- (50″) , Rs. 4,50,000/- (63″) 

DVD Players/Home Theatres:



We found a couple of interesting things on refrigerators. The first of these is the ‘Energy Star’. ( which was covered earlier – Tips for lower emissions from homes – II ) The second of these is the ‘Stabiliser Free Operation’ (also earlier covered –  Appliances with built in voltage stabilizers )


Images of the two are shown below:


Washing Machines:


Featured washing machines included both front loading and top loading models.

Pictures of Air-Conditioners and Microwave Owens:


People interested in knowing model numbers and prices of Samsung products may put up queries on the forum. The number of models is too many to be covered as a part of this particular post.

* -Might have been the offer price. You may want to check the local prices yourself.

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