Shower Cubicle | Enclosure – Consider one for your home

Bathrooms in Indian homes, especially the ones in apartments have some defaults. A typical apartment has

  • One bathroom with Indian closet
  • One (or more) bathroom with western closet – Also known as WC

And each of these have:

  1. A tap for warm water
  2. A tap for cold water
  3. A shower
  4. Possibility a spare tap
  5. A wash basin
  6. A towel hanger
  7. Provision to mount a water heater

At least a majority of Indians still do not use a shower. They prefer to use a mug and a bucket to have a bath. For others, shower is an option and a few even indulge in a hand shower attachment.

This article aims to explore people who would like to use the shower. As most of us know, any form of shower or water usage in the bathrooms, causes the water to stagnate. This is true on most counts unless there is some specific slope given to the floor to facilitate faster drying. But we have to admit, wet floors are not really great.

Wet floors reduce the life span of your tiles, increase risk of slipping and encourages microbial growth.

A shower cubicle is an answer to this problem. There are quite a few types available:

  • Semi enclosed type – This model has its sides open and would expose the walls to the person inside the cubicle. In other words, it provides two glass walls to shield the water from getting splashed outside. This would be a cheaper option.

quadrant shower enclosure

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  • Fully enclosed type – There are many variants here, but the basic idea is that this model would be more or less like a phone booth. Some models would even have the shower system and soap holders built into the cubicle. In case you are using this, you need not provide them on the bathroom walls.

shower enclosure

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A shower cubicle has a false floor with an water exhaust opening. The door on the cubicle could be either a regular swing door, or a slide door. Choice would entirely depend on how much space is available in your bathroom.

If your cubicle is covered on the top as well, steam will not escape out and fog the mirror!

Using two plastic curtains can also contain the water to a great extent. It is certainly an option for cost effective implementation. But the curtain is typically used when you have a bath tub and want to prevent water splashes from occurring. This is only true if your bath tub has a shower provision.

shower curtain

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