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Interior decoration is an integral part of home making. Art is one among the many ways one can enhance the visual and aesthetic appeal of a home.

In this article, we are covering a niche art gallery located in Chennai – “Gallery Sri Parvati”.

Gallery Sri Parvati

Main Gallery Building

Gallery Sri Parvati is managed by Ms. Lakshmi Venkatraman. She is no newbie in the world of art. She was an art critic/writer for ‘the Hindu’ Newspaper for nearly two decades before her current role.

The gallery is located near the TTK road flyover junction in Chennai.

The nearest landmark for getting there is State Bank of Travancore (seen below) situated opposite the Gallery.

State Bank of Travancore

Landmark – State Bank of Travancore

We got the opportunity to get an exclusive coverage of the gallery for Aavaas. For art lovers who would like to enhance their home interiors, we recommend a visit to this gallery.

The serene atmosphere, well lit rooms would open your artistic eyes and the deeper you ponder, the more you are drawn into the realms of the world of art. The gallery also has a nice garden outside the building with some small hut like structures in it. This is a great place to meet with people and discuss topics like paintings during exhibitions.

Some of the works from the gallery are shown below.

Work 01

Landscape 1 – Oil on Canvas  44″x44″  2007 – Sam Adaikalasamy

Work 02

“Pon Aaru” – Mixed Media 48″x48″ 2007 – M. Siva 

Ms. Venkatraman sells paintings from all cadres of artists in Chennai and outside too. The variety is simply amazing. The artistes who are currently shown at the gallery include K Muralidharan, Sam Adaikalasamy, G Subramaniam, Laxman Aelay, S Dhinakar Sundar, Jacob Jebaraj, M Siva, N Prasanna Kumar. We are mentioning these artistes in particular as they have just produced some works based on a trip to Asia Pacific countries, which we happened to see while we were at the gallery. We are told that they are all well known artistes in the art world.

We were told that paintings are no longer just an object of art. Of course people do purchase paintings which they like and which suit their interiors; but increasingly people are purchasing paintings for investment purposes! It seems that paintings from prominent artists appreciate with time. Apparently a few artists’ works have appreciated by as much as 50% in a year.

The following types of art works are available at this gallery:

  • Oil on canvas
  • Photographs
  • Acrylic on canvas/paper
  • Water color  paintings
  • Drawings – pen and ink or pencil
  • Graphic prints – etchings, lithographs, silk screen prints etc.
  • Mixed media works
  • Sculptures – bronze, ceramic, copper, terracotta

All paintings are sold with a unique wooden frame which is chosen either personally by the artist or by Ms. Venkatraman. In our opinion, the frames perfectly complemented the paintings and made them look even better.


“Kaalamum Naamum Kaathiruthal” – Mixed Media 59″x43″ 2007 – M. Siva

The gallery caters not only to customers in Chennai, but also to other destinations.

Once an order is placed, the gallery staff would ship the painting either with frame or as a roll to the concerned person’s place.

More details about the latest paintings for sale, prices please contact Ms. Venkatraman at +91-98840 75453

They also have a website which can be browsed at :

Since we were not experts in art by any means, we decided to let Ms. Venkatraman tell us a bit more about it.

Aavaas : When was GSP started?

GSP : We started our operations 2 years back.

Aavaas : Typically, which type of people tend to buy paintings and art material from your gallery?

GSP : We have had people ranging from say a couple who are looking at giving that extra touch to their homes to MDs of large organizations who would like to enhance their board rooms.

Aavaas : So does this mean that the awareness for art amongst people is increasing?

GSP: Yes. People are realizing the importance of differentiation. Great talent at attractive prices is drawing people towards more art purchases.

Aavaas : How is art sold at your gallery different?

GSP : All our works at display are original thematic works done by upcoming and prominent artists. Each work is unique and not available elsewhere. Commercially available art pictures are photographic prints and do not possess any inherent value of their own.

Aavaas : What is the price range for paintings in your gallery?

GSP : We have all our customers’ interest in mind. We don’t restrict the art works to a particular class of buyers. Thus, we have paintings that range from just 1000 rupees to ones that are priced at several lakhs.

Aavaas : Does the gallery sell only paintings?

GSP : No, not at all. We also have sculptures and similar items on display from time to time. We also offer contractual based services.

Aavaas : Tell us more about that.

GSP : Paintings or regular art materials are usually mounted on the wall. Some people have approached us for getting a portion of a wall at their homes customized with mural paintings or relief works on ceramicor terracotta. Additionally we have executed in the past works on metallic sculptures, frontal sculptures and the like.

Aavaas : Does the customer need to understand art?

GSP : This is a huge myth. Just as we tend to enjoy music without knowing the raga or the instruments used to create the same, we should enjoy visual art. There is no need to understand the logic or underlying interpretation to appreciate a piece. Art is a sensual thing. We should enjoy it and not try to understand it.

Aavaas : Any message for budding artists out there?

GSP : Trust your instincts as an artist. Cherish your work and keep practicing.

Aavaas : Thank you for your time and inputs.

Aavaas Team in the Gallery

Williams and Ms. Venkatraman – engaged in a discussion

Work 03

A painting from a different theme

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