Floor mats for home – A small guide

We see them in all shapes, textures, colors and conditions! Floor mats are a common find in every home. But there is more to them then just the name and this article intends to explore further on this topic.

Mats tend to do serve more than one purpose. They protect the floor, keeps a check on slipperiness, cushions the feet and so on. Choosing the right mat involves picking the right color to match the interiors, texture to suit your needs and mood and also from many varieties such as woven mats, rubber mats, coir mats, vinyl mats and foam mats.

Types of floor mats

Depending on the application we have the following types of mats

  • Welcome mat (entrance mat)
  • Shower mat
  • Bathroom mat
  • Bedroom mat
  • Kitchen mat

Welcome Mats

These are typical for most homes. They are built from rugged material and tend to clean the mud and sand which is found on the sole of shoes. You can see them made from substances like coir, or rubber which has bristles to create that cleaning effect. Welcome mats need to be cleaned often as they collect not only the grime from footwear but also tend to collect dust and debris from the atmosphere.

Welcome Mat

Image Courtesy : floormatdirectory.com

One common problem that can exist if the door mat is placed very close to the door, is that it can prevent the door from being open/closed easily. To avoid this, one can choose to have a small cut out on the floor where the mat rests in-line with the floor level. However you need to ensure that the size of this cut-out is optimum as it would then be tough to get the right mat to fit into it !

Shower Mats

These are used just outside the shower cubicle or a bath area. They have small vacuum pads which lock the mat firmly on the floor (the floor should be smooth enough to let the vacuum work) and on the top surface has an anti-slippery texture to do the obvious – prevent slipping just after shower!

Shower Mat

Image Courtesy : akamai.net

Bathroom Mat

These are placed just outside the bathroom and are designed to absorb the moisture is present on the feet after a shower. The bathroom mats have to be dried regularly if it gets too wet to prevent foul smell. Also they should be washed once in a fortnight or so depending on the usage. Most hotels use thick towels folded up as bathroom mats. This way it is easier to wash them in a regular washing machine.

Bathroom Mat

Image Courtesy : indiamart.com

Bedroom Mat

These provide a cozy feeling to users in the bedroom. It helps people brush their feet just before getting into the bed which prevents soiling of the bed covers. also in cold conditions, these serve to make getting out of the bed a comfortable affair as placing feet on a cold floor is a chilling effect.

Kitchen Mat

Rubber and Vinyl mats are great for kitchen and utility areas where one has to stand for a considerable amount of time. Additionally, rubber and vinyl mats protects the floor from dripping water and soap, if placed under the tub/sink area.

Kitchen Mat

Image Courtesy : cartwheelfactory.com

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