Painting your home | Types of paints available

Whether it is a new home or an old one, it certainly needs a paint job. The frequency depends on the occupant’s interest and is driven by a variety of factors such as:

a) Age of paint

b) Wearing effects

c) Planned renovation

d) Makeover of the home

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What are the areas in ones home that can be painted?

Exteriors : These paint jobs use a different type of paint which is resistant to weathering effects.

Interiors : They have a more visual appeal compared to exterior paints. Quite a few variety of paints are available just for this one category.

Doors, Windows & Furniture : These items need a special type of paint which not only makes it good looking but also gives it added protection from moisture, termites, fire and the like. If you are planning to paint the wooded items, you could choose from special paints to do the job.

Metal Paints : This is an additional category of paints which give metallic surfaces an added protection from weathering elements and corrosion.

Types of paints available

  • Distemper – This is perhaps the most economical type of painting available in the Indian market today. It can be classified as a “Whitewash” job. This term is probably deep rooted in our vocabulary as home owners whitewash their homes prior to renting it out and occupants insist on a periodic whitewash from the home owners ! The major constituents of distemper are chalk, lime, water and some coloring agents if necessary. Distemper is a water based paint
  • Emulsions – This type of paint is also water based and provides a rich and Matt finish to interior walls. The differentiating factor of emulsion paints is its acrylic quality. Its composition imparts excellent durability to the painted surface and gives the walls a just painted look. It washable and most stains can be removed easily by wiping with a cloth dipped in a mild soap solution. The paint film is also fungus and mildew resistant.
  • Solvent based paints – Lustre paints, Enamel paints and oil paints all come under the category of solvent based paints. They cannot be pre-mixed with water. Oil based paints take a longer time to dry and often produce strong odors which are irritating and sometimes even toxic in nature. The advantage with these paints is that they really last long and produce rich and desiring effects on the wall.

We will cover more on paints in our the future articles. If you have recently painted your home, do share your experiences with us via comments.

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