Eureka Forbes’ Aquaguard Ultra and Hindustan Unilever’s Pureit – A brief look

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We all are aware of water purifiers. They range from simple models which have filtering membrane candles to advanced types featuring multi-stage filtering, ozone treatment and what not.

Choosing a water purifier is as difficult as choosing a car in India today. We would cover the available offerings from the market on an ongoing basis, and thought today we could cover two such models from Eureka Forbes and the other from Hindustan Unilever.



Pureit is a coming from the stables of Hindustan Unilever, a part of the global Unilever group. Previously known as Hindustan Lever, the company is going through a brand makeover complete with logo changes and more.

Pureit is a gravity based water filter which does not require any electricity. We have to pour water on the top and after filtration it is collected in a semi-transparent reservoir at the bottom. Water is then dispensed through a tap. This tap has two modes, one – where you can press it and dispense the water or two – where you can lift the water and it continues to flow as long as you don’t flip the tap back on. The first one is recommended to avoid spillage, but it can be tough to fill bottles in this mode.

It has a unique “germkill battery kit” which can safely dispense 1500 litres of water. There is a small window which shows the status of the battery and when it turns red, the user has to get it replaced.


The term battery here is not to be confused with electrical appliances. It is merely a term, that is all. The product is available in 2 colors, Deep maroon and a mixture of white/blue.

The cost of the Pureit filter is about 1600 rupees and the filter costs around 300 rupees.

More details about this can be found here – – >


aquaguard ultraAn equivalent product to Pureit exists from Eureka Forbes as well – Aquaguard Ultra. It uses an ultrafiltration membrane to purify water. The product claims to be capable of removing impurities even in the molecular range. 

Just like Pureit, Ultra does not require electricity to function. It has a four stage purification:

  1. Particle Filter – good for 3000 litres
  2. Sediment Filter – good for 6000 litres
  3. Activated Carbon Filter – good for 3000 litres
  4. Ultrafiltration cartridge – good for 6000 litres

The price of this product as mentioned on the website is 7350 rupees. What needs to be replaced and how much does it cost is not clearly mentioned on the website.

More details can be found on the manufacturer’s website here – – >

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