Door Knockers – Aesthetic yet practical

Adding style and substance to one’s home can be a daunting task. It could be an expensive affair, but if one can be creative, a lot of value can be added easily.

One of the first things that is visible in a home is the main door. What one normally places on the doors is either the home name or the occupants name(s). Some other objects that are seen on the exterior of the door include magic eye, flat/house number and the like.

One aesthetic addition which can be considered by the homemakers is a door knocker

Door Knocker

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This exquisite piece of metal adds an extra impression and leaves the onlooker with a sense of awe.

The purpose of a door knocker is quite simple. To knock the door 🙂

It is a simple device usually with a metal ring which has a landing stub. When the ring lands on the stub, it creates a sound which alerts occupants of a visitor. It actually spares the knuckles of the visitor.

Today electric/electronic calling bells have become an in-thing. But some of them could actually get on your nerves, thanks to the choice of tunes on them.

The door knocker is actually a Green alternative to these besides enhancing the visual appeal of your home.

These are available in plenty of shapes, sizes and colors. You could choose one which matches your door color.

Most common material used for construction is brass. Though resistant to corrosion, brass needs frequent polishing. So you can consider gun metal or powder coated varieties.

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