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We wanted to write on home aquariums for some time now. This would probably be the best time to do so. Especially after all these “not-so-relevant” announcement messages regarding our migration and the like.

Since we do not have one at home, this article is more of a thought provoker and, by writing this we hope to invite some comments from people who actually have experience installing a Fish Tank at home.

Fish Tank

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We know the following about aquariums:

  • A lot of enhancements are available for aquariums ranging from pebbles, greenery – both natural and artificial, water pumps , lights and more.

A typical aquarium consists of:

  • An enclosure made or glass or plastic
  • Sediment layer at the bottom comprising of sand and/0r pebbles with some vegetation
  •  Water – fresh or saline, depending on the type of fish
  • A filtration system – Although in India, most home owners manually clean or recycle the water once in a while
  • Temperature control – Again this is something which we are not certain of being used in India. The philosophy behind this is that, most fish are sensitive to temperature just like humans and it is essential to regulate the temperature especially in too hot or too cold regions.
  • Top cover – Optional , preventing fish from jumping out and foreign objects from entering in your aquarium. These could include lizards which often end up eating fish!
  • Dedicated stand – The aquarium is usually very heavy and needs to be placed on a firm stand which can take its weight while being horizontal to the surface as well.

Calculating the size of the aquarium

Too large a tank with a few fish within is not a good sight and not good for the inhabitants as well. Similarly putting too many fishes in a small tank can lead to crowding effect which may lead to death or your beloved fish.

There are some thumb rules governing the size of the aquarium based on the number of fishes, but we recommend you also talk to your aquarium provider and learn from his experiences.

You can read more about Aquarium from Wikipedia – – >

Tell us somethings about:

– How do you maintain your aquarium?

– How do you purchase the fish? Are you aware of the actual names of the fish?

– Do you buy the fish based on their aesthetic appeal only?

– Do fish often die in your aquarium? If so what have you done to keep this in check?

If you have any other tips and suggestions from your own experience, please share it with us by commenting here.  Photographs or short video clips are also welcome for publishing on Aavaas.

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