How to dry clothes inside your home?

There is always some inspiration for an article. Needless to say, the heavy rainfall today at Chennai which lead to wet clothes hanging inside our home was a reason to write this piece.

The most common way of drying clothes after either washing manually or with the aid of a washing machine, is to spread them out on a clothes line. (as shown below)

clothes line

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This clothes line is typically situated on the terrace of the home/apartment. And this is exactly why the system fails on a rainy or overcast day as there is not enough sunshine.

So what is the workaround for this? We know that many people tie temporary clothes line inside the house, from one window grill to another, but this can only be a mess. With the possibilities of water dripping, people finding it difficult to move about, the problems are endless.

The best thing to do is to use a “Clothes Drying Rack

Clothes Drying Rack

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These ultra portable, ultra light stands are a saving gadget for all our problems. And the best part is that their usage is not limited to rainy days!

Drying clothes on such racks can help prevent color losses which result from drying clothes in direct sunshine.

The rack itself is made up of a grill like structure where each rod can be used to hang clothes on. Since it is indoor, we do not need to add the customary clips to prevent them from flying away.

There are many varieties of racks in the market which can suit your needs. Number of fold-able arms, grill sizes, color and height are some of the differentiating factors.

There is even an electric rack which warms up and speeds the process of cloth drying !!

Some more types or racks can be seen here and here.

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