Ironing board and its merits

Whether you are going to office, or sending your children to school, there is one thing common – Ironed clothes.

Almost every home has an electric iron. We know we have not covered the types of iron yet, but we thought we could start with the ironing board first. So here goes.

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Most people who use an electric iron at home, either use the study table or dining table for ironing. The other option is the floor with some heavy blankets and bedsheets serving as the surface for ironing.

Perhaps you are not aware of the ironing board and it’s merits!

  • Most ironing boards come with long cables and a small socket where you can plug your iron in. This means the freedom to work away from power points.  
  • An ironing board would reduce your fatigue levels drastically as its surface area is smaller and you can reach your clothes areas faster.
  • The board is designed in such a way that you can wrap around the clothes (like shirt and pant) and iron them more effectively.
  • Some boards have a cable managing system so that you don’t get bogged down by the iron’s cable while performing the chore.
  • The material used on the ironing board is quite resistant to heat unlike your bed spreads. So even if you leave the iron on it for just a while longer, you will not burn it though. This is one of the biggest advantages. If you iron regularly on your dining table or study table, there are chances that the laminate may get uneven or even come off.
  • The ironing boards are compact and can be stowed away when not in use.
  • They have a dedicated holder where you can leave your iron flat face down without worrying about burning anything !
  • Some boards, like the one shown in the picture, have a rack for your to place the finished items and then collect them at the end.

Ironing boards cost upwards of 1000~1500 rupees. The cost increases with factors like:

  • Thickness of the cushion on the board and spare covers if any.
  • Type of metal used in construction and powder coating if any.
  • Company/brand.
  • Accessories if any.

So, as you can see, there are quite a few benefits of using an ironing board. Just make sure that you purchase one from a reputed store. Also if it has an extension cable, it should have a three pin plug and socket to ensure that both the table and the iron are earthed and the user is protected from nasty shocks.

Happy ironing 🙂

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