Television Brands in India – Part 1

We first covered televisions on 19 August ’07. That was more of a curtain raiser. A few days ago we discussed our ambition to cover brand specific information. In today’s post we are just going to see the tip of the iceberg – brand names of television sets sold in India.


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The market is overflowing with TV sets. There are all sorts of manufacturers out there. Let us classify them based on their country of origin.

Indian Television Brands

Sanyo BPL




Chinese Television Brands




Korean Television Brands





Japanese Television Brands









Other Country brands

benq  – Taiwan

philips – Holland

viewsonic – USA

Now that we know the brand names (and have added to the confusion) it is time to decide which brand is the best and worth your hard earned money.

If only there were a precise answer for this question !

In our opinion a lot of factors go into the decision making process:

  • Price
  • Reputation of the company
  • Model Diversity (i.e. closest match to your requirements)
  • After sales service
  • Word of mouth from friends and colleagues

If you feel there are more factors apart from the ones listed above, feel free to comment.

We will have a part 2 to this post where we cover some other technical factors which have to be looked into before buying a television.

Our take on the whole thing is, do not get carried away by advertisements, word of mouth or massive discounts. There is usually a pitfall in all of these.

Also, do not completely rely on the showroom salesmen. Their knowledge may be limited or biased to a specific brand.

More tomorrow.

happy weekend. 🙂

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