Furniture Fair – ‘07 Chennai ( Pictures and Notes )

In my first post on 30th September titles Furniture Fair – ‘07 Chennai , I just mentioned that I would be covering this fair in detail. Not until today I could get time to do so. Posting images takes a bit more time 🙂

 A few points before I go into the post.

  • Surprisingly, in a span of less than 2 months, Chennai had another fair related to Home improvement – Furniture fair. The title was only applicable to say 40% of the stalls. All the remaining were other house oriented articles which will be see in the pictures.
  • The entry to the fair was alright and the car park was certainly better organized than the last fair – Inside Outside – Chennai Trade show coverage (final part)
  • The entry ticket was a steep 50 rupees which in my opinion was really too much for the amount of stalls inside. Inside Outside charged us only 20 rupees.
  • The number of stalls were also less compared to Inside Outside. Many of them were still being set up as we went on day 1 – afternoon. Nevertheless, the stalls were all mediocre and some of the exhibitors seemed to have moved their entire showroom to the exhibition grounds 🙂 We could see some people struggling to move and organize the pieces of furniture. Not a good impression at all.
  • We saw some really interesting interior decorating stalls. We were not able to take pictures as we obliged with the stall owner’s request. However, he has promised us exclusive photos for Aavaas. We should have an article on him shortly.
  • Kitchen products and modular kitchen based stalls were all over the place.
  • We also saw some good carpets, innovative garden chairs and Onyx based sculptures.

Picture 1

Furniture Fair - 1

Some of the many furniture in display.

Picture 2

Furniture Fair - 2

Interesting and innovative products were nice to see.

Picture 3

Furniture Fair - 3

On left is a flush type hob for the kitchen with an exhaust chimney. On the right is a conventional stove with compact chimney model.

Picture 4

Furniture Fair - 4

Some interesting wall paintings (prints?) were available for the art loving people.

Picture 5

Furniture Fair - 5

Carpets galore!

Picture 6

Furniture Fair - 6

This is a insect free kitchen sink on display. Wish the same can be applied to all basins at home.

Picture 7

Furniture Fair - 7

Another flush type hob. Please note, it is inserted into the Granite top after drilling a hole into it. This hob as 5 burners ! Note that the chimney is large too.

Picture 8

Furniture Fair - 8

This was one of the innovations we saw. A small suitcase like device (seen in the front) opens out to be a garden/picnic table for four !! Umbrella sold extra 😉

Picture 9

Furniture Fair - 9

Last picture for this post. The Onyx interior design products. Supposedly from Pakistan.

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