Trash Masher – Introduction

We briefly mentioned trash masher in our article “Kitchen Appliances – Now” on 19th August.

It is not a very popular device yet in India. Reasons for this are not yet know but we suspect that lack of awareness is one primary reason. Food habits and cost are the other possible causes.

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So what exactly is a trash masher or a garbage disposer?

It is a modern electrical gadget which is installed just under the kitchen sink. The entry part of this device is the outlet of the kitchen sink and the outlet of this device is the plumbing line which normally takes the water and waste material away from your kitchen sink.

What is it’s function?

The main purpose of this device is to crush and pulverize solid/semi solid particles that are inadvertently dumped into the kitchen sink. This action of crushing/pulverizing makes sure that you do not end up with a blocked kitchen sink which can cause foul smell and also encourage breeding of insects as lot of food for them is present now in the plumbing lines.

How does it work?

Garbage disposals are simple devices that all work on a similar principle. At the bottom is a flat plate on which rotating steel ‘mashers’ are mounted. These mashers work in conjunction with the serrated inside wall to grind up food waste. When you switch the unit on, a motor rotates the flat plate, forcing the mashers to swing toward the outside of the spinning plate, which grinds up waste so it can be flushed away.

Purchase checks

  • Make sure you have an expert to come and install the same in your place
  • The noise levels have to be checked before purchase
  • Power rating – you do not want high electricity bills
  • RPM – the motor’s “revolutions per minute” – determines the crushing power
  • Capacity – based on your cooking style and sink hole diameter

 Word of caution

A garbage disposal can easily jam if a foreign object falls inside, causing a masher to get lodged against the inside wall. Most appliance repair technicians have rescued coins, bottle caps, jewelry and plastic bag ties from inside a garbage disposal. It’s a good idea to keep small objects away from the sink.

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