Modular Kitchen – Zones

In the last article we introduced the modular kitchen concept. Today we talk about the various zones involved in the modular kitchen.


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A well planned modular kitchen would involve/cover all essential zones:

  • Zone for consumables
  • Zone for non-consumables
  • Zone for cleaning
  • Zone for preparation
  • Zone for cooking

Depending on the space available, you could add/remove the least essential zone in accordance with our Indian styles. For example, a dish washing machine is something which we may not be comfortable with. So we could eliminate that aspect from the “cleaning zone”.

The main advantage of having zones in your kitchen is that it improves the process flow of cooking and makes it more enjoyable.

If every step is planned properly and executed, a modular kitchen can give you the following advantages:

  • Good aesthetic looks
  • Less smoky and oily kitchen
  • Preserved walls and appliances, increasing their lifespan
  • Optimized space
  • Good storage space for cooking ingridients as well as utensils
  • Ease of repairing/replacement
  • Motivation to cook

 Some low points of a modular kitchen are:

  • Expensive to begin with
  • Need to plan for materials to suit water hardness/salinity
  • Not yet widely used in India
  • Scope for changes later on are limited
  • May create a need to change one’s lifestyle (cooking habits)

Almost all over the world, in most homes, both husband and wife work and so the time spent in the kitchen needs to be minimal. This gives rise to the demand for a well designed and convenient kitchens. Modular kitchens fulfill this demand.

With modular kitchens gaining popularity more manufacturers are jumping into the field and the increased competition should result in prices becoming far more affordable to us.

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