Cable Mess – How to avoid ?

I am sure that most of us have the problem of managing cables at home. It could be electrical cable, television cable, telephone cable, Internet cable …..and the list goes on.

Messy Cables

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Let us analyze why these necessary accessories end up becoming a mess at the end of the day.

Electrical cables

Thanks to modern concealed wiring, seeing an electrical cable outside is a pretty rare sight. If some level of thinking can be done in the initial stages, electrical cable mess can be avoided. Unlike the other cables in this post, these are potentially dangerous to occupants and also can cause fire hazards if not chosen carefully or planned to handle load conditions appropriately.

Telephone Cables

Most modern homes have concealed telephone wires too. Usually the phone line is terminated in a junction box and is carried to the interiors behind the walls. But this fails in many cases. 

  • For starters the concealed wires may not be present at all
  • Though the wiring is present, it may be only connected to the living room and perhaps the occupants want the phone to be also present in the bedroom
  • The wiring in place is having only one pair and the home probably needs more than one telephone
  • The internal wiring can be damaged or turns out to be faulty

 In all the cases above, telephone wires tend to become a mess !!

Television cables

There are so many of these that I won’t even touch upon the various types in this post. I am merely referring to the black coaxial cable which brings all your channels home. Even for people who use DTH (Direct to Home) , there has to be a cable in place to connect the satellite dish to the set-top box.

Here again lies the problem of people wanting a separate television in other rooms. So our suggestion is that you all the rooms connected by concealed coaxial cables and have the main wire terminated in the junction box.

Internet Cables

Most of us have broadband connectivity at home and use Ethernet cables (CAT5) cables. These can tend to crowd the space. Here again the savvy people can choose concealed cables or even wireless Internet at home.

 The purpose of this article was to just create an awareness about this issue. We will look into more ways of solving issues in the coming days.

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