Vitrified Tile – What is it exactly?

I am sure, most of us would have heard this term a lot these days. Vitrified tiles. So what doed this exactly convey to people who wish to have them in their homes?

This post hopes to convey some details on “Vitrified tiles”

Conventional flooring is done with either grey or white mosaic. People who could afford it went in for granite or even marble. Today the buzz word seems to be vitrified tiles.

Vitrified Tiles

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A dictionary would define the word “Vitrify” as:

To change or make into glass or a glassy substance, especially through heat fusion.

Lets see what all this means:

What is vitrified tile

Vitrified tile is a tile which has been processed in such a way that it has very very low porosity (and water absorption) which make it stain resistant and very strong.

Is vitrified tile better than marble or granite?

Vitrified Tiles have far superior properties compared to marble or natural granite because being a manufactured product their quality is controlled whereas in naturally occurring marble and granite good quality is just a coincidence. Vitrified tiles posses much better mechanical strength, scratch resistance, resistance to acids, alkalies and chemicals, resistance to staining etc compared to marble or natural granite.

Marble has a relatively lower abrasion resistance compared to vitrified tiles. It is calcium carbonate which is strongly attached by Hydrochloric acid which is commonly used in toilet & floor cleaning. It yellows over extended time duration whereas vitrified tiles retain their colour for decades.

Polished natural granite shows several surface defects and a good quality is just a matter of chance whereas vitrified tiles are guaranteed for consistent good quality. Marble laying is very cumberrsom and time consuming whereas vitrified tiles may be laid in a matter of hours and put to use after 48 hours.

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What needs to be studied here is the cost factor. Apparently the Vitrified tiles seem to have an advantage and also durability to command a higher price.

But are we willing to shell that extra money for aesthetics and maintenance sake is the million dollar question.

Another point to consider is where people who would like to buy an apartment can actually tell the builder to use these tiles over conventional flooring techniques.

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