Drinking Water for home

Drinking Water

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Lets look at the contemporary options for drinking water at our homes,

1. Metro Water – Apparently the treated metro water still has organic and inorganic contaminants.    Boiling, eBoiling etc do a limited job in killing microbes (Bacteria, virus), but does a poorly against chemical contaminants in the water.  Of course using an Aquaguard can get rid of some chemical contaminants too (but I am not sure if it can remove all inorganic contaminants in our water).

2. Ground water – Same as above

3. Buying Purified drinking water – Expensive water from Coke, Pepsi, Bisleri, Team deliver quality consistently.   Cheaper local supplies may be laced with contaminants.

It is okay to keep status-quo, but test the water you drink at a lab for “ALL” organic and inorganic contaminants, before you consume.   Many people whom I have talked to hold a notion, that body exposed to contaminated water makes you immune.   It may not be always true, as chemical contaminants like mercury, lead, cadmium can do irreparable damage to our brain and body.

So if the lab results are unsatisfactory best is to establish Reverse Osmosis plant at home.    It starts at about RS10,000 (8 litres per hour, Annual maintenance of about Rs600), and since this technology extracts pure water, its free of all contaminants (same as what the Pepsi, Coke, Team or Bisleri delivers as Purified drinking water)…..However if your well water is safe (take samples when the water table is low as well as when the water table is high), that would be better as it can have good minerals in it.

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