Water conservation at home

Water conservation is more critical than we all could imagine. It is not only a favor you are doing to the society but also contributing to less fossil fuel burning. I know this is surprising, but hey, when we run out of water, it is electricity which is used to pump it up to our overhead tanks. And where does this electricity come from? In today’s post, I will discuss a few ways of conserving water at home.


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The above image maybe a graphical representation of water usage patterns outside India, but I think, this is also applicable to India with a minor change in the percentage values involved.

 Before I even come to suggesting change of habits, here are a few things which are mandatory for water conservation in every home:

  • Make sure that you do not have dripping taps or faulty taps.
  • Ensure that your flush tanks are not faulty. I have known cases where people don’t even realize that this could be a potential problem and silently the flush tank looses litres of water, hour after hour.
  • If you change the parts in the tap, make a note of the date when it was changed and ask your plumber what is the expected life span on this new part. This way you would know how long before you can replace it pro-actively.
  • Use quality parts while replacing. If possible, invest in good quality fittings to start with.
  • Inculcate habits of effective water usage to children (and adults). Children are going to run the show tomorrow. They ought to learn the importance of good potable water.
  • Investigate methods by which you could reuse water at home.
  • If you building/home does not have a rain water harvesting system, please deploy this. You would be surprised at the amount of good which it does to ground water levels.

 Besides these points mentioned we could also adopt the following measures:

  • Do not let the water running while brushing teeth or shaving.
  • Use shower if possible instead of the bucket/mug based bath. You may not believe it but shower helps reduce water consumption. And it is refreshing too.
  • In the kitchen, plug the basin and reuse water. Traditionally we let the water run through for each and every vessel washed/rinsed.
  • Try to consolidate clothes for one “large” lot of wash instead of two or three cycles in medium setting.

Each drop counts. So lets do our best to conserve water for our coming generations.

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