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This one has bugged me for some time and I thought it best to invite comments on it. Why do people use carpets in modern homes? Answer may be obvious to you but to me it has always been bit of a mystery. Is it just for the decorative purpose, or is there some other reason as well.

Carpets arose as an industry mostly in Asia, and Turkey in particular. Central Asia had widely diverging climates year round and perhaps even during day/night. They probably needed to cover the floor for preserving the internal temperature at desired levels. seems to agree with me on this. However, this is hardly true in the modern home with the advent of central air conditioning. Besides in coastal regions of India, there is hardly a change in temperature year round. So we come back to the original question, why do we use carpets?

If the answer is just for decoration, I have another query. Why don’t we decorate our ceilings with something similar? Seems to me it is a whole area that could be used creatively. After all, it is the first sight we see in the morning. Somehow, I have never seen ceilings in any homes used creatively. Perhaps, it is because we don’t have an industry supporting that like we do for floor carpeting.

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