House to Home – A few pointers

Its been a very short journey so far. Actually we are only a few days old now. Three to be precise. Still testing the waters out there. But it is really overwhelming to already see some users visiting and commenting.

 A few words on how you can make this blog useful for yourself/your family and also thousands of other Indian home makers who are located worldwide.

  • Active Participation

We are striving hard to produce quality posts which really focus on Home and related articles. This is for a change a focussed blog with a purpose to  simply and elevate the living experience of home dwellers. We are here to address possibilities of converting all your “houses” to “homes”. Obviously we can’t do this all alone.

We need active participation from you all. Learning and implementing it is a curve and we sure need lots of dots to fill the blank spaces. Your experiences shared on this blog would be the dots which would be joined as time progresses.

  • Spread the Word

The best way to grow the community is to spread the word around. All of us have numerous acquaintances in our lives. Schoolmates, collegemates, colleagues, ex-colleagues, neighbors and so on. We would be greatful to you if you would simple recommend your friends to visit and make this more lively a place.

All you need to do is point them to this URL :

  • Be Tech Savvy

We know that in this fast moving world, time is of essence. Only contributions and commenting actually require you to open a browser and visit the blog. If you just want to be updated with the posts and articles, why not choose delivery based systems?

We offer two types of updates to our blog. One is the RSS based feeds which is an instantaneous method to read new posts on the blog. This could be a great feature for home makers who are online reading articles online and so on. The link to the RSS feeds are found on the right navigation bar. Please try looking for RSS feed related details on sites like wikipedia for more details.

The other method is to subscribe to our emails. We have used a feedblitz service to send out emails to our subscribers when new posts are made in the blog. This is still in an experimental stage. If you subscribe and are unhappy about the service, do let us know and we would try and address your concern.

Please click on this URL to subscribe:

  • Tips on Posting

WordPress requires user to be registered to make posts here. If you would like to know the procedure and details to start blogging here, please let us know and we would be glad to assist.

  • Tips on Commenting

When you comment for the first time, the blog requires you to enter your name and email address. This is like a verification mechanism. Once your first comment is successful, all future posts are accepted without this constraint.

Please choose careful language on comments. Do not spam, abuse or humiliate any person on the blog. Complaints against such comments would lead to deletion of comments.

Also, do not give sensitive information out on comments. If you need to publish your email address, do not give your email address “as-is”.

E.g. if your email address is be published in a comment (say for contacting the authors), please do not say – ”“.

There are so many web crawling softwares which can steal mail ids from blogs and you tend to receive a lot of spam.

We suggest you break up your email as follows : “billgates at microsoft dot com

We will try and update this section as frequently as possible to make blogging at our site a comfortable experience.

Hope you find the articles and comments upto high quality standards.



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