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To many Television (referred as tv henceforth) is just a way of life. From watching mega serials to prime-time programmes, the tv has become quintessential for our lives. It has also become the “first-to-buy” in the list of appliances for our modern homes. So what better way to start the blog? Hence we are featuring some basics of tv in this artile.

The conventional tv is CRT (cathode ray tube). Over the last few years there has been a steady fall in prices of higher screen size televisions because their market demand is less. Anyway, the CRT tv is still masses choice. There are two offerings as far as the screen is considered. the rounded screen and the flat screen. The later offers distortion free viewing from all angles.

Recently some manufacturers claim to have reduced the size of the CRT tv by around 40% because of advancements made in the field of CRT itself. The offer higher appeal value.

The next contendor for tv space is the LCD tv (Liquid crystal display). We are not elaborating on the technology of the tv here, but the are really slim and usually are wall mounted offering more real estate space in one’s living room. Prices are falling steadily, so if you can squeeze on into your budget, look no further.

 LCD tv has a competition from Plasma tv which is similar in shape although plasma tv starts at around 40″ and above. These are comparitively cheaper given the same screen size. They offer good color clarity especially tones of black. They are slightly bulkier though.

this rounds up this article on the types of TV out there in the market. Hope you found it useful.

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